2015: Facts & figures

Facts & figures


1,822Direct: 1,429 /Indirect: 393Direct: 17,972 /2014201525,709Indirect: 7,737Direct: 18,854 /25,744Indirect: 6,890Direct: 1,501 /Indirect: 4191,92098Total FTE end of year 2014Total FTE end of year 2015Total training hoursTotal training hours

CO2 emission reduction

Improved performance in all activities

€ 0 € 10,000,000
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015

Total EBIT

€ 8,840,000
€ 200,000,000 € 260,000,000
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015

Total turnover

€ 259,000,000

Our focus...

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Responsible employment

Our focus Vos Logistics seeks to offer its employees a safe and inspirational workplace, with a stimulating balance of professional challenges and job satisfaction. We do so by creating the right conditions to optimize personal development: safe working conditions, good labor relations, incentives and opportunities for personal growth and individual initiatives, and good business practices. We encourage and promote career mobility by way of job rotation within the company.
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Values Of Service

Our focus Our Values Of Service represent what Vos Logistics stands for and provide guidance for all processes within our organization. They support the transparency of our communication, both internally and externally with customers and other stakeholders. Furthermore, they help to continuously improve vital elements of our business. Vos Logistics also introduced an Ethical Code this year. It underlines the company’s commitment to creating a safe, social and responsible working environment aimed at doing business in a respectful and sustainable way.
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Reduced environmental impact

Our focus We take our responsibility for the environment seriously. We set ourselves specific goals in this area and at the same time help our customers to realize theirs. When developing new products and services we opt for “green” logistics services and technologies that reduce both our CO2 emissions and our energy consumption.
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Customer satisfaction above the benchmark

Our focus Our customers awarded our services a score of 7.8 in 2015. This high score is built on the quality and dedication of our people. Customers particularly appreciate Vos Logistics for its professionalism, thinking in solutions and customer care. Our employees are seen as friendly, easy to reach and responsive. Nevertheless, we continue to seek further improvements in customer satisfaction. In 2015, we turned our attention to improving our complaints handling procedures and intensifying customer contact in order to increase our responsiveness to specific customer needs.
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Business Activities

Our focus


Cargo & High Volume: the international transport of packed goods, mainly FTLs, part loads and intermodal transport with mega trailers (cargo) and mega CuBoLiners® as well as swap bodies and CuBoTainers® for high volume transport and mobile storage. With some 140,000 shipments a year, Vos Logistics Cargo & High Volume is a leading carrier in Europe and is particularly active in the automotive, FMCG, packaging, personal care, apparel (clothing) and construction industries.
Bulk: the international transport, storage and handling of mainly dry unpacked goods (both granulates and powders). The products include chemicals, foodstuffs, animal feed, starch, minerals and waste. The services include differentiated multimodal concepts (rail and road combinations), site-to-site transport, silo storage and handling. In the general cargo and bulk transport markets, Vos Logistics is one of the largest carriers in Europe. Vos Logistics has a mix of its own transport capacity with fixed and flexible spot charters in combination with multimodal transport modules. It can respond effectively to the dynamics of the international transport market in terms of both volume and destinations.


Warehousing: dedicated and shared warehousing and Value Added Logistics (e.g. repacking, labeling, assembly, repair and building displays).

Regional (Benelux) distribution: business-to-business as well as consumer deliveries (FTL to parcel) including customer-specific solutions such as home delivery & installation, furniture assemblies, hospital deliveries and full supply chain solutions.

Bulk solutions: dedicated and customized transport, silo and packed storage and value added services such as repacking, blending, drying and EFTCO tank cleaning.

International freight forwarding and freight management: organizing and managing the carriage of our customers’ goods (FTLs, partloads and groupage) throughout Europe.
Profile in key numbers International Network Logistic & Transport Solutions
Turnover 2015 (x 1,000 euro) 157,000 102,000
FTEs involved * 1,320 710
Own operated truck capacity 720 270
Warehouse (m2) 190,000
EBIT 4,980 3,840
* including temporary employees
Rounded numbers
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Transparent reporting

Our focus Vos Logistics prepared its 2014 integrated annual report in accordance with the GRI G4 framework for sustainability reporting (application level ‘ core’ ) to the extent that the relevant guidelines are applicable to our activities.
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To customers, partners and employees

From the board 2015 was a good year for our company in the broadest sense of the word. We improved our performance in all our core activities. Market conditions picked up further due to a sustained economic upturn in Europe and this is reflected in both our turnover and our results. Falling diesel prices were also a positive contributor and EBIT ended the year at €8.8 million, up 46%. This performance is of course down to the sheer commitment of our team at Vos Logistics. We are service providers and depend on our people – and even more so on their ability and willingness to go the extra mile to help our customers succeed. And that is all the more important because we aspire to grow into a leading European logistics services company.
Transformation and innovation
We are transforming from a classical transport company into a company that offers international transport solutions and logistics services. To create the right conditions for this transformation, we are giving highest priority to our organization, people and processes. We are investing in our people, training and business processes, in brief in continuous improvement.
We are also looking at the best possible organization of our operations as well as where to base them, a transformation that demands changes in our organization and the make-up of our workforce. Work related to our international network transport for cargo and bulk is concentrated in specialist operations in Poland and Romania. In the Benelux area and neighboring countries, jobs are focused in higher added value operations in logistics and transport solutions, with the traditional transport function increasingly replaced with logistics-related work.
We are creating space for innovation that will help us enhance our market proposition. Our launch of low-deck LNG trucks for international mega trailers is a case in point, as are our international Ecocombi and Ecocombi XL, multimodal transport by Vos CuBoLiner® and freight management. Other examples are our wide-ranging offerings as our hot-wheel formula, double-manned trucks, CuBoTainers®, ADR competence, inbound silo solutions combined with intermediate storage and repack and dedicated roundtrips and home delivery.
An inspirational workplace
This ambition of ours, to grow into a leading European services provider also implies a need for us to retain and recruit the best people the market has to offer, drivers, logistics experts and support staff, even in the face of labor market pressures. We like our people to do their own thinking, to act like entrepreneurs and take the initiative. We provide opportunities for self-development, encourage people to experiment new solutions especially in collaboration with our clients. We accept that not every initiative turns out to be successful; as long as people act within the set boundaries, we can handle mistakes and learn from them. And this is precisely what should make us an attractive employer.
International level playing field
Uniform interpretation of European legislation is essential for the proper functioning of the European transport market. At European level, we are confronted with fragmented and inconsistent regulations. It is for internationally active companies increasingly challenging to meet all the rules. Differing interpretations of regulations and limited control take us further away from a level playing field. More specifically, we note divergences in the rules governing work, rest and pay for drivers. Greater complexity and lack of compatibility are hurting our industry’s image.
Sustainable alliance
We are all ever more aware of the need to transform into a low-carbon economy and for a growing group of companies this is – quite rightly – an increasingly important objective. But in the transport and logistics sector this transition can only be achieved through partnerships that take a long-term view. A good example is switching to liquefied natural gas (LNG), which is under circumstances cheaper than diesel and much cleaner, thus offering financial as well as ecological gains. Running routes on LNG requires the right trucks as well as an appropriate fueling infrastructure. At Vos Logistics, we are working with several companies in consortia that take a joint longterm approach to expanding the European LNG network.
We would also like to mention the Ecocombi XL pilot we embarked on in 2015 with one of our Swedish customers. Boasting a total length of 32 meters, this huge Ecocombi offers multiple advantages, with double volumes making efficient transport and significantly lower carbon emissions.
Success in transport and logistics will depend crucially on remaining proactive and riding new waves of innovation. Working in partnership is a precondition to doing so effectively. This means taking a differentiated approach to sourcing and embracing collaborative loops. Working together in this way, suppliers, shippers and carriers will build the foundations for the kinds of partnership that can propel the transport business into the future.
Summing up
We are on the right course and will continue down the same route in 2016, step-by-step and with entrepreneurial agility and drive. We will remain critical of ourselves as that is the best way to secure the quality of our services going forward. We will continue to work hard on this. We are grateful for the support of everyone we work with to help us consolidate our position: our clients, staff and suppliers. We would like to thank them for their trust.


  • Board of management

    • Frank Verhoeven, CEO
    • Ben Vos, CFO
    Board of management
  • Commercial team

    • Marc van Alphen, Bulk
    • Paul Hoppenbrouwers, Forwarding
    • Toine van Gils, Warehousing & Distribution
    • Henk-Jan van der Molen, Cargo
    Commercial team
  • International Transport Operations

    • Guus van Bergen, Transport Operations
    • Marton Dozsa, International Fleet
    • Tadeusz Gruba, International Fleet
    International Transport Operations
  • Corporate Staff

    • Twan Haerkens, Group Control
    • Maino Remmers, HRM
    • Paul van Ham, IT
    • Annemarie Timmermans, Legal & Compliance
    Corporate Staff
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